Imagine Your ImpACT

If you were part of a story that gave people and their communities equal opportunity to be seen, heard and get ahead.

When We Come Together Great Things Happen.

Michael Ochieng Nyawino, Supporter

Think New. Think Forward.

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Things you can do…

Activate Projects

Get funding for local projects that increase wellbeing for you and your peers.

Create Content

Earn Pi™ by creating and promoting content about funding opportunities in projects where you live.

Transfer Funds

Get perks by funding projects that help people and communities to thrive.

Be an…

Active Sponsor

Connect your brand with forward thinking opportunities for people and planet alike.

Active Business

Grow your reputation by offering perks to people funding meaningful change.

Active Coordinator

Organise workshops for connecting and developing project and media skills.

Funds you give go to collaborative projects that are borderless, transparent, and free.


Money you give is managed through a coop that reduces administration costs.


Success is measured by a project’s ability to pass on value from funds.


Momentum is created by people working together from where they live.

Activity promotes equal opportunity, authenticity, community, and environmental wellbeing.


Circulation of mobile currency provides impact analysis of funds.


Interactive content helps people’s identity, needs and ideas, to be seen and understood.


Working together through sharing of resources creates abundance and trust.