Keabetswe Keith Mosumane

Bergnek, Limpopo, South Africa

Member for over 5 years.

Help me to help my home community of Bergnek, Limpopo. The only way it's people can be truly served is by giving them the tools and support needed to develop their own collaborative projects. This is why I like CM.

I grew up in the rural community of Bergnek  in Limpopo, Northern part of South Africa. As there is no employment back home, I now live and work in Johannesburg.

Determined to better the circumstance for women, youth and children of my home town, I am the co-founder of Bergnek Community Foundation/ Projects Cooperative. The co-op is a community development initiative that was started to empower and support woman, youth and the children of Bergnek through sustainable business ventures, that focuses on Education, Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Infrastructure and leadership development within the community.

My inspiration comes from the loss of my first son who – because the closest ambulance was 40km away – died of treatable food poisoning. My ultimate goal is to help build a health clinic in Bergnek itself.

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