Active Sponsors

Support a forward thinking opportunity to connect across culturally diverse networks throughout the world.

“Bringing you face to face with forward thinking strategies for community engagement, that leads to sustainable development both on and offline, the benefits of becoming a sponsor rest as much in the journey as the outcomes themselves.”

Local to global connection and trust

Becoming an Active Sponsor gives you marketing exposure for the first three years following launch:

  1. Your Logo at the foot of subscriber updates and quarterly newsletters
  2. Special mention in PR
  3. Regular updates on projects and what we’re up to
  4. Opportunity to join the Coop that manages funds
  5. Priority invitation to sponsor the Impact Economy Summit, in Whistler, BC

We leverage communication to the max in helping projects and solutions to scale.

Investments will be prorated over the remaining sponsorship term. The sooner you come on board, the more value you’ll get.

Think New. Think Forward.

Minimum risk with feel good returns

  • Target Sponsorship: CA$1,500,000
  • Minimum Investment: $300,000
  • Maximum number of Sponsors: 5

Investment risk is minimised by releasing funds through installments – subject to achieving predefined tasks and goals – as agreed through quarterly Sensemaking Sessions.

The more you give the less sponsors we’ll need, so the more you’ll stand out.

Note to Philanthropists

Should you wish to make a donation – provided that you meet the required conditions around the I3 Investment Coop’s structure and membership – it will be eligible for inclusion in a self-administered RRSP. For further information, please email:

“Promoting ethics for community, authenticity and equality, becoming a sponsor will demonstrate your commitment to economic, social and environmental innovation for overcoming local to global challenges that dominate today.”

Think New. Think Forward.

Quarterly Sensemaking Sessions invite Active Sponsors to review and discuss:

  1. Goals and achievements last quarter;
  2. Next quarter tasks and budgets;
  3. Community Workshop activities and outcomes;
  4. Data Analysis Reports, which will provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of information gathered both on and offline;
  5. Development of the I3 Investment Coop Board;
  6. Date and time for next session.

Sessions will take place one week before the end of each quarter. Confirmation sent a week prior will include:

  1. Agenda - summary of key points to discuss;
  2. Proposed budget and tasks for the next quarter;
  3. Overview of long term development plans.

All documentations will be left open for sponsor comments and requests.

Think New. Think Forward.

Active Sponsors are people who have a desire to support initiatives that have the greatest potential for impacting real change. You want to secure better circumstances and opportunities for people and groups you have an interest in.

You are also excited by learning opportunities, made available through the support, growth and success of your investments, and by exploring alternative models and outcomes.

You are typically looking for an outcome greater than a financial benefit and the creation of solutions that can be applied and then recycled, upcycled and evolved for infinite application.

You say…
“It started with a footpath, and then, we built a road, and the results of that for the people and the planet are…”

Think New. Think Forward.

The I3 Investment Coop provides a return on investments that: i) is directly proportional to the increase of real commodities, and; ii) manifests from peer to peer activity within communities, and independently – so less subject to the volatility – of financial markets.

It gives equal opportunity for people everywhere to participate and receive returns that are directly proportionate to the investment made.

The likely success of projects is increased because I3 will only invest in projects that demonstrate support from the people living in the communities they are designed to help out. Members of communities take ownership, so the resources enabled are a lot more likely to be maintained.

Communication and the development of shared – open source – solutions, make them a catalyst to trickle up economic opportunity within the community and beyond.

Success will be measured through:

  • Number of supporters and Active Funds raised, and;
  • Data Analysis tools.

Project and Sponsorship Funds will be held accountable by the I3 Investment Coop. Learn more.

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Think New. Think Forward.

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