Obuk Charles

Lamwo District, Northern Uganda, Uganda

Member for over 5 years.

The-cm.com is here to help communities build their own economy and most importantly, gives social entrepreneurs, change-makers and community activists a plat form to fulfill their dreams of solving community problems. I am proud to be a member!

Obuk Charles recently attended Makerere University Business School for a bachelor degree in Economics. Charles hails from the poverty-stricken small village of Loromibenge in the mountains of Agoro Sub-county in Northern Uganda – the part of the country that was gravely ravaged by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war for over 20years. For many young people, such troubled background would have disabled them but, for Charles, it galvanized him. He is a dreamer and social entrepreneur with passion for activism, and an advocate for change with special interests in youth-related issues, climate change action and poverty alleviation. Currently, he part-times as youth trainer, for the Chrysalis/Butterfly Project in Kireka, Kampala. Additionally, Charles has a number of projects under his belt. As a teenager, with the help of Warrior Doors and Africa Equip – and through the Butterfly Project – Charles opened Children’s Village Library in his village to promote literacy and reading culture and to improve the children’s vocabulary. He also wrote several dramas to promote children’s rights which dramas were performed for local communities around Kampala slums. Mr. Obuk also published several blog posts promoting the voices of Ugandan rural children.

I love watching Television talk-shows and movies, reciting poetry, cooking, watching football, reading novels and writing, visiting friends and the elderly.

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