Impact Economy Summit

Target date: October, 2019

Public ticketed event with limited attendance, subject to application.

Estimated budget: $100,000 to include:

  1. Venue
  2. Workshop and Presentation Materials
  3. Accommodation, flights and catering for Keynote Speakers
  4. Media and Promotion: Website, Summit Media Team
  5. Other Labour: Administration, Project Management, Summit Host, Keynote Speakers

Profits generated through ticket sales will be used to offset ongoing development costs.


5-day summit where Impact Investors, Impact Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Project Leaders and members of underserved communities come together to present and discuss how we can invest for accelerating sustainable social and economic wellbeing.

The summit will focus on meeting core needs and opportunities for enabling equality and community resilience. It will leverage the: vision and expertise of the worlds most forward thinking economists and entrepreneurs; voice and insight from community members, and; lessons learned from traditional investors and aid workers, to:

  1. Direct the development of alternative approaches as they shift from theory to implementation, and;
  2. Identify scalable models for investing, where traditional and alternative intersect.

We will address questions like:

How do we invest for sustainable development? What works and what does not? How do we engage with underserved communities, while gaining a workable return on investments, and addressing the key components to poverty reduction and overall development?


The Summit’s agenda will be based on case studies and operational framework presented through the community upliftment model: Project Raven. Outcomes will be used to further its development and success.


To cater for those who can’t attend the whole week, each day will focus on a key area of interest. Activities will include talks, lightning pitches, clarification sessions, open discussions and workshops, and be publicized through live streaming, video podcasts and social sharing.


To lighten the load, prize draws for Whistler thrills will include a chance to win a Ziptrek, a ride on the Bobsleigh and more! Continue the conversations in the evenings – each night will offer scheduled entertainment, excursions in the mountains, local bar crawls, potluck with the locals and fine dining too.

Day 1: New Business Models

What Project Raven is, why it exists, how it works relative to other forms of aid, and what’s going on. Here we will look at how the weeks topics and available tools connect.

Topics will include an exploration of values and how they relate to Capitalism vs Open Cooperativism, The Commons and Multifaceted Business Models.

Day 2: Community Development Frameworks

Why and how to engage with communities in developing economic opportunity from within. Here we will learn from organisations and locals working in Project Communities.

Topics will include Community Development Frameworks, Ecosystem Mapping Tools, Development Metrics and Goals, Data Analysis.

Day 3: Distributed Systems

From blockchains, distributed hosting and more. Here we will focus on how these systems can revolutionise the way that we overcome today’s challenges: locally and globally.

Topics will include Distributed Networks and Currency Systems, Resilience and Security, Policy Consensus, Force vs Flow.

Day 4: Alternative Solutions

What are they and how can they help us to meet UN sustainability goals? Here we will look at examples from Project Ravens pilot communities, and ask how they can help?

Topics will include Alternative Agriculture, Energy, Health and Education.

Day 5: Invest 2 Impact

Here we turn to the people who join us. Share a challenge, then let’s work together to discover: how solutions discussed can help out;

Throughout the week, participants will be encouraged to consider the challenges that caused them to attend. The day will include an opportunity for them to have their concerns understood and put as a challenge to the keynote speakers. We’ll then break into groups to discuss. We’ll look at the investment they need and review the best way to get it.


What will you learn?

Participants will benefit through:

Topics covered in the Summit will include:

Participants will develop an understanding of:

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