Explore Communities

Earn Pi™ that can be exchanged for project goods and services.

To start earning, find communities that you care about. Learn about their projects, then create and promote content to help attract funds. The more funds you bring in, the more Pi™ you’ll get.

How much Pi™ can I earn?

For every CA $1 of funds received by projects within a community, 10 Pi™ are distributed to contributors of content, who helped attract funds. The more funding your content brings in, the more Pi™ you get.

How do you determine which content brought funds?

How much you make will depend on:

  1. If and how long a funder looked at your content before supporting the project to which your content referred;
  2. Shares of your content – questions, comments and blogs – on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  3. Number of likes on your content in CM.

How will I know how much Pi™ I have earned?

Statements showing how much Pi™ you have earned – and from where – will be included in a link when we send through your funds. Statements are posted under Payments in your CM Profile.

How does Pi™ get sent?

Pi™ you earn is credited to an account set up through your mobile phone. It is sent within five (5) days from when we send project funds. Before you get your first Pi™, you will receive an email asking for the mobile phone number you want to use for your account.

Your number will not be shared with anyone. Your account is as easy as Pi to set up.

When do you send project funds?

The amount a project must earn before we send funds depends on its Funding Goal, which must be between CA $1,000 and $5,000. You can find a project’s Funding Goal beneath Goals on its homepage.

Can projects keep getting funds once their Funding Goal has been reached?

Yes. Projects are open to funds until archived. They are invited to create a new Funding Goal once the previous goal has been reached.

What can I do with my Pi™?

Exchange Pi™ you earn for goods and services promoted in a project’s Marketplace. To see what they might add, review what they make and do.

Why will projects give things for Pi™?

Projects are not forced to accept Pi™ for what they make and do, but the more Pi™ they have, the more they can circulate through their marketplace.

Circulating Pi™ in their marketplace increases their Impact Indicator™: a score that shows how much economic activity – so impact made – they achieve with their funds. To circulate Pi™ projects use what you give to employ workers, and to get things they need from other projects.

The higher a project’s Impact Indicator™ the more we’ll promote them, and the more likely you are to create content that brings them more funds. Be patient though! If projects give away too much too soon, they will struggle to keep going. Believe in them and the will believe in you too.

How do you calculate Impact Indicators™?

Project Impact Indicators™ are determined by the amount of Pi™ transacted in a project’s account, divided by the total Pi™ given to contributors of content for attracting project funds.

Community Impact Indicators™ are determined by the amount of Pi™ transacted through ALL projects within a community, divided by the total Pi™ given to contributors of content for attracting project funds.

What sort of content can I provide?

Content can include writing, photos and/or videos:

  1. Post Blogs & Comments
    Why is a project important? How does it work? Share ideas and suggestions you have that will help the project to succeed and progress.
  2. Ask Questions
    To ask a question, visit the projects forum. Questions are a great way for you to see what potential funders do and don’t get.

How is the Pi™ exchange built?

The basic exchange will be built using Social Trade Organizations (STRO) online and mobile banking software, Cyclos.

As activity grows, Pi™ you earn will be held in a secure online account from where you will be able to retrieve it through your mobile phone, and transfer Pi™ to friends and family, peer to peer.

How is accountability maintained?

Accountability is maintained by managing finance through the I3 Investment Coop, that funders of projects for six (6) months or more are invited to join. Financials will be posted online.

Before the coop sends through project funds, they must sign a Project Funding Agreement, where they agree to adhere to our values and goals. The coop may audit projects whenever it likes.

Project administrators will be able to access an itemized ledger of projects transactions – including fund transfer fees – through its online account.

Who is this for?

People who promote projects by creating content and sharing with peers through online networks are passionate voices – catalysts of change – within communities, willing to stand out and take action for values to be heard, and real change to take place.

If you are willing to accept to status quo, or in for a quick profit, this isn’t for you. If not, your support will not only bring funds to projects that offer real change for people and their communities, but will aid in the building of trust, dialogue and involvement, throughout the lifecycle of a project. Your contributions will be key to ensuring that the real needs underlying the purpose and outcomes of projects are met.