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Receive perks from local businesses by supporting community based projects that create economic opportunity, support our environment, and foster connection for social wellbeing.

How much are you asking me to give?

Minimum Contribution: CA $10 per month. The more you give, the more we can do. To get going, select a project, then Support.

Can I edit the amount of funds that I give?

Yes, you can edit the amount that you give by visiting Payments on your CM Profile page.

Can the funds I give go to more than one project?

Yes, once you’re an Active Funder, your contribution can be shared with as many projects as you like. To add projects, sign in and select Support on them too. To take projects away, go to Supporting on your CM Profile page.

When do you send project funds?

This depends on a project’s Funding Goal, which must be between CA $1,000 and $5,000. It is located on the project’s homepage.

To manage administration costs, transfer costs are deducted from the amount projects get.

Can projects continue to get funds when their goal has been reached?

Yes, projects will stay open to funding until archived. When we send through funds, we invite them to set a new Funding Goal too.

What perks can I get?

See Perks. Select a community and see what they’ve got.

How can I get more perks?

Talk to local businesses. Tell them about CM and the projects you like. Encourage them to give perks by selecting Active Business from the homepage of this site.

Giving perks provides businesses with a simple way to promote themselves while showing their support for their community and environment too.

How can I know which projects to support?

Review project pages and see Impact Indicators™.

  1. Content
    Select projects and review the homepage. Read its blog posts and comments, ask questions in the forum, and – if they have them – you can read member bios as well.
  2. Impact Indicators™
    As activity increases, look for projects with a high Impact Indicator™. This is a measure of how much impact they make with their funds.

How do Impact Indicators™ work?

When projects receive funds, they are invited to give back – to Pay It Forward – by accepting Pi™ goods and services they provide. Pi™ is a mobile currency that’s given to contributors of content who helped attract funds.

Pi™ received can be used to purchase resources from other projects or to pay project workers. The more Pi™ circulates through their project, the higher their Impact Indicator™.

How do you calculate Impact Indicators™?

Project Impact Indicators™ are determined by the amount of Pi™ transacted in a project’s account, divided by the total Pi™ given to contributors of content for attracting project funds.

Community Impact Indicators™ are determined by the amount of Pi™ transacted through ALL projects within a community, divided by the total Pi™ given to contributors of content for attracting project funds.

How is accountability maintained?

Accountability is maintained by managing finance through the I3 Investment Coop, that – by being an Active Funder for six (6) months or more – you’ll be are invited to join.

Financials will be posted online. Before the coop sends through project funds, they must sign a Project Funding Agreement, where they agree to adhere to our values and goals. The coop may audit projects whenever it likes.

Project administrators will be able to access an itemized ledger of projects transactions – including fund transfer fees – through its online account.

Coop Membership: to maintain membership, you must purchase a Membership Share and contribute an annual fee:

  • Membership Shares: CA $1 or 10 Pi™
  • Membership Fees: CA $5 or 50 Pi™ per year

You may only purchase one (1) Membership Share. Membership Shares cannot be transferred.

Who is this for?

Active Funders are looking for an outcome greater than a financial benefit. They are committed to supporting initiatives – where outcomes are continually upcycled and recycled – to create real and sustainable change in society. These changes aid in securing better circumstances for people and communities. They are also interested in the learning opportunities, made available through the support, growth and success of funds they give.