Activate Projects

Get funding for community based projects, that work with the environment, and increase wellbeing for you and your peers.

To receive funds, projects must use local resources, employ local people, and produce products and services needed within your community.

When will my project go live?

Once you have submitted your project, it goes through an approval process, which takes up to 5 days. You will receive an email once it’s complete.

If your project is approved, the email will include a link to its page, from where you can start editing and promoting it right away.

If your project is not approved, we will let you know why. You will be invited to edit and resubmit a project up to 3 times.

How can I help my project to get funds?

  1. Invite friends and project members to earn Pi™ by becoming content contributors, creating and uplifting content on your project to help attract funds. Pi™ can be exchanged for project goods and services.
  2. Once you have received funds, accept Pi™ in exchange for your goods and services. Use Pi™ you get to purchase resources from other projects or to pay project workers. Doing this increases your Impact Indicator™ – the amount of Pi™ that circulates through your project – which indicates the value you pass on from funds. Projects with high Impact Indicators™ get promoted through newsletters and appear at the top when funders look for projects to support on CM.

By selling things in Pi™, you are giving back to those who helped you. If they like what you make, they’ll want to help you even more.

How do you calculate Impact Indicators™?

Project Impact Indicators™ are determined by the amount of Pi™ transacted in a project’s account, divided by the total Pi™ given to contributors of content for attracting project funds.

Community Impact Indicators™ are determined by the amount of Pi™ transacted through ALL projects within a community, divided by the total Pi™ given to contributors of content for attracting project funds.

How do I sell things in Pi™?

To sell things in Pi™ you will need to add them to your project’s online marketplace. We will get in contact to set up your account when it’s time to send through your first funds.

When will you send my project’s funds?

The amount your project must earn before we send funds depends on your Funding Goal, which must be between CA $1,000 and $5,000. Stating your Funding Goal is included in the project submission process

Once your goal has been reached, you will be asked to sign a Project Agreement. The Agreement will include information required to send funds.

Note: The cost to transfer funds will be deducted from the amount that we send, so the more frequently we send them, the more it will cost.

Can my project continue to get funds when my goal has been reached?

Yes, your project will stay open to funding until archived. When we send through funds, we will:

  1. Share ideas for encouraging your supporters to keep funding what you do, and;
  2. Invite you to create a new Funding Goal too.

How will funds be sent?

To receive funds you will need access to a secure, approved bank, or blockchain account. We will request information when it’s time to send them through.

How is accountability maintained?

Accountability is maintained by managing finance through the I3 Investment Coop, that funders of projects for six (6) months or more are invited to join. Financials will be posted online.

Before the coop sends through your funds, you will be asked to sign a Project Funding Agreement, where you agree to adhere to our values and goals. The coop may audit projects whenever it likes.

Project administrators will be able to access an itemized ledger of projects transactions – including fund transfer fees – through its online account. The account will be set up when we start to send funds.

Who is this for?

Project Leaders are people who have adopted, or created the vision, for a specific project in collaboration with the members of the community where the project is located.

With a compassion for, or direct connection to, the community involved, they understand how to engage – and stay engaged – with the community. They are able to define the real needs underlying the purpose and outcomes of the project. They are the driving force on the ground: the champions of both the intimate details and overall vision of a project. Their ultimate purpose, beyond leading a project to its successful completion, is to guide the creation of solutions that can be carried forward and drive a long term impact for the sustainability and well being of the community and its’ people.

Step 1 of 5: Tell us about your project

What is the name of your project?

What does it do?

Why is your project important? What needs does it serve?

What words describe the challenges addressed through this project? Enter a word at a time, then hit return.

How does your project work? How will it overcome the challenges described?

What goods and services will it provide? Enter a word at a time, then hit enter

What do you want your project to achieve? What are your milestones? What other projects could it get going or help grow?

Why do you qualify for funding through CM? To qualify your project must work with the environment, use local resources, employ local people, recycle and support other projects as much as it can.

How will project funds be spent? How will these expenses achieve project goals?

What words describe the goods and services you will purchase and employ? Enter a word at a time, then hit return.

What else do you need? What help and advice can others give?

This is the amount of funding your project needs to get before we send it to you. See FAQ for more.