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GirlStuff provides seamstress services to manufacture essential products, such as re-usable cloth sanitary pads. They are washable, cost effective, environmentally friendly and they can last up to 6 months. We also design, make and supply school uniforms. We have now started manufacturing face masks due to the pandemic.

Our goal is to provide young school girls with re-usable  menstrual pads, so that they can focus on their education and not experience bullying as a result of skipping school or not having menstrual supplies when they need them. We also design, make and supply school uniforms. We have now started manufacturing face masks due to the pandemic.

Why Support Us

We are driven by our strong desire to make an impact in our communities when it comes to the access of basic human needs.

GirlStuff has trained and employed 12 woman from within the community to work in the manufacturing of sanitary pads and face masks. Our clothe pads helps to keep girls at school,they no longer forced to drop out of school due to the lack menstruation pads or bullying they endure when they start menstruation in class without the pads. The face musk helps limit the transmission of Covid-19 and helps to save lives. The employment GirlStuff provides helps the ladies who work here to provide food for their families. There are very few jobs in Bergnek and parents have little choice but to leave their children to find work in the nearby cities of Pretoria or Johannesburg.

  • The face masks are important because they help to reduce the spread of viruses, which can devastate poor communities.
  • While wearing a cloth face mask does not prevent the risk of contracting the virus, new guidelines on the use of masks released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases state that these masks can play an important role in reducing the spread of the virus from infected individuals including those who are not showing symptoms.
  • The cloth sanitary pads mean that girls in our community won't have to risk infection, or be forced to drop out of school due to menstruation.

Face Masks: for members of Bergnek and surrounding communities, especially the elders, children and sick.

The majority of people in Bergnek and the surrounding areas live in poor, crowded housing, with minimal sanitation and not enough water to wash hands all the time. Like many other communities around the country, if one person gets infected, the whole community might also get infected, because of the way people live in disadvantaged areas. There is quite a number of people who suffer from chronic illness, such as HIV & AIDS, sugar diabetes and high blood pressure. People with such illnesses are more vulnerable to viruses, such as COVID19 and the flu. They are more likely to die because their immune system is not strong. We also have very little medical help because the nearest clinic is 40km away and we can't afford transport.

Sanitary Pads: mainly for teenage girls so they can go to school.

The inability to afford sanitary pads during menstruation means that many of the girls were forced to use primitive alternatives, such as newspapers, rags of cloth, banana leaves or hay which are both ineffective and unhygienic. All too often these alternatives lead to long term health risk such as Reproductive Tract Infections, Toxic Shock Syndrome or cervical cancer. The medical implications and unpredictability of alternative sanitation methods frequently resulted in girls skipping school and woman missing work. Research indicates that girls in developing country miss up to 50 school days annually due to menstruation. In rural communities most of the woman and girls are under monthly house arrest because of the inability to afford sanitary pads.

How It Works

We have 12 seamstress who manufactures these products from within the community. We have 1X Over-locker , 1X Industrial sowing machine and 2 Domestic sowing machines

Values & Goals

The Girlstuff projects manufactures these pads and mask locally in the community of Bergnek , proving employment for vulnerable woman within the community with a high unemployment rates .Our re-usable sanitary kits has 5 pads that can be used for up to one year. The pads are 45% cheaper than the least expensive disposable pads and they are environmental friendly

Additional Information

Our primary target market is girls aged 10—18 and Poor rural women and girls in general. Our ultimate goal is to be able to help build a community Health Care centre in the community of Bergnek.

  • We provide Bergnek with:
  • cloth-sanitary-pads
  • face-masks
  • school-uniforms
Stand number 159, Bergnek,
South Africa,


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